Room 1 

13:15 - 14:00 


Talk (45 min)

Blazor in 2021

By now, Blazor is well established as an effective framework for rich web UIs, running both server-side or client-side on WebAssembly, written entirely with .NET. But where's this technology heading?


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In this talk, you'll see what it's like to use the latest .NET 5 features to create a Blazor UI, and preview some exciting .NET 6 enhancements we have in the pipeline. You'll see a truly dramatic improvement in the developer experience, some runtime features that enable more robustness and performance than ever before, and helpful tips that can be applied in existing .NET 5-based applications. And of course, it’s demos all the way.

If you're new to Blazor, this will be a great way to get a sense of what it's all about. If you're already a seasoned expert, this is your chance to find out what's coming next.

Steve Sanderson

Steve is a developer/architect at Microsoft on the .NET team, with a particular focus on web technology. He’s best known for originally creating Blazor – the current leading .NET web UI framework – and before that knockout.js, one of the first wave of JS client-rendering frameworks. He loves discovering or creating new innovations to move technology forwards, and finding ways to communicate where things are heading through demo-centric conference talks.